Why don't my links work?

Q: Why do my links work when I Preview, but not after I have Published to my webhost?

A: Web servers are quite finicky when it comes to naming files. Some of the things that can get you into trouble are the use of caps, the use of spaces in the name, and the use of special characters. So, if you are linking to a file that is named something like this:
- mY Web sIte.Html
try renaming it to -
- mywebsite.html

So to recap, there should be non of the following in your file names, as the link may work on your system when you Preview, but won't when you view the page from your webhost:
1) no spaces
2) no caps
3) no special characters (like *&^%$ etc.)

Also, be sure that when you Publish to your webhost, that you Publish the Project, and not just a single page (Publisher > Pages tab).

Lastly, be sure you are viewing the most recent version of your published site - see here for details.
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