Why does my text look different on other computers

Q: When I build my site it looks great when I Preview. However, other people tell me that it looks different on their systems, or it overlaps other text or images. Is your software not compatible on different operating systems or with different browsers?

A: Every system has a different set of fonts on it. Added to this, the different web browsers treat fonts and font sizes differently. We have done all we can to ensure that font sizes are similar across different browsers. However, if you are attempting to line-up text with other objects on your page, you should break up your text into multiple text objects.

As for available fonts, all you can do is use a standard font that you can be relatively sure most people have on their systems. The most common are Arial, Helvetica, and Times New Roman. Other fonts that may be safe are Verdana, Courier, and Palatino (in SiteSpinner and SiteSpinner Pro, web-safe fonts are marked with a 'ws' next to their name on the Font drop-down list).

In the Text Editor, when you click the font drop-down, you should see certain fonts that have a 'ws' next to them. These are the Web Safe fonts. Use these and your text should look consistent across browsers and operating systems.

If you use a non-standard fonts and the browser that is viewing does not have those fonts installed it will substitute a font that may not match exactly in size or shape. You may have to leave extra space to allow for the differences.

The usual source of misalignment in this kind of situation in an overlap is where the text wraps to a new line because in doesn't quite fit in the bounding box. Often, just making the text boxes a bit wider will prevent this.

Of course, if you use a Title you can use any font you wish as Title's are converted into images.
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