Why can't I register/post to the User Forums

Q: I have tried posting to the User Forums, but I am not allowed, I get a message saying something about not having permission.

A: Anyone can read the Forums. You do not have to be a registered user of any Virtual Mechanics product to post, but you do need to 'Register' with the forum.

Some of the forums are 'read only'. For example, the Frequently Asked Questions section can only be read and not posted to. The News and Announcements section only allows 'new' posts from Moderators, though anyone can post a reply.

'...How do I...', 'Web General Discussion', '...Animation', 'Features Requests, and the 'Bug Report' forums can be posted to by all registered forums users. Please check that you are posting your question to the appropriate topic.

Please do not attempt to post or read 'Private Messages'. This option should not be displayed, but is because of a bug in the Infopop User Forum system.

If you are having difficulty registering, it could be that you are using that the User name you have picked it already in use.

If you have already created an account and you are having difficulty logging in, remember that user names and passwords are case sensitive. If all else fails, try creating a new account.
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