When I view text in Mozilla based browser (FireFox) the text seems to overlap.

When I view text in Mozilla based browser the text seems to overlap.

This problem may occur in Mozilla based browsers (Netscape 7.x, FireFox, Mozilla) if the text size has been 'zoomed'. If this is the problem that you are seeing, setting the text to 'normal' size ( or pressing CTRL + 0 (that is, CTRL + the zero key) will correct the display. See below for an explanation.

SiteSpinner by default uses 'pixel' sized text. Browsers should leave pixel sized text as is even when the 'text size' option is changed (because a pixel is a pixel). Internet Explorer, Opera and Netscape 4.x browsers follow this convention. However, we have recently noticed that the Mozilla based browsers are not respecting this rule.

This seems to be a bug (or design flaw) in Mozilla (see the excerpt below from Mozilla's bug database). We are looking into it to see if there is anything we can do to prevent the problem on our end.

It is not clear to us when/how Mozilla plans to fix this but if you look at their site (www.mozilla.org) with extra large or extra small text settings on their browser, it too is unreadable in some parts while other parts do not change size.

This problem only exists in Mozilla based browsers (FireFox, Netscape). For an example, view any standard webpage and zoom in and out (hold down CTRL on your keyboard while moving your mouse wheel up and down). Try this on IE, Opera, and FireFox/Netscape.

Excerpt from Mozilla Bug Database:

------- Additional Comment #108 From Worontzoff Philippe PDT [reply] -------

"... It seems that the "text zoom" has been created for accessibility reason; but, it is not respectful of the fixed size like cm, px and pt, and that is a real problem in some case."

"I know lots of webmaster/webdesigner don't use fixed size in a proper way (and the best thing to do is to educate them to a proper use of (X)HTML/CSS), but, for those who use it in a proper way, there are some reason for fixed size not to be resized without the other elements of the page, almost graphical ones (for example, when a text size is defined to fit with an image) and, on those last type of case, the fact that "text zoom" also resize the fixed size is a malediction for webmaster/webdesigner."

"So, the text zoom should only work with em size to be respectful of the fixed size and, on other cases, there should be a zoom increasing the size of everything, so people with visual deficiency, may use it to be able to read too small font with fixed size. ..."

from http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4821
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