When I try to install I see a message that says "...not a valid Win32 application"

If you have downloaded the installation package but see a message that says the program is "not a valid Win32 application" when you try to run it, that means that the file must have been damaged during the download process. It will no longer run.

Alternately, you may see a message like "The Win16 subsystem was unable...". This also means the file is damaged and Windows cannot recognize it as a valid program.

You must download the file again. Try using one of our alternate download locations and saving the file to a different place on your PC. That will help to avoid downloading the same copy of the damaged file from your browser's cache.

If that does not help, and you are still getting a damaged file, try deleting the files from you browser's temporary file cache. To do this in Internet Explorer go to the menu 'Tools' >'Internet Options' in the 'General' tab press 'Delete Files...'. This will clear your cache and and any damaged copies of the file. Other browsers will have similar options.

If you are not able to get a downloaded file to work, there may some other problem with your system. You should confirm that file is actually damaged. To do that, see the link here.

NOTE: If you are using XP and seeing a message that says the "config.nt" or "autexec.nt" system file is not suitable. There may be a missing or damaged file on your computer. See the faq here
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