What kind of code can I put in a code object?

Essentially anything that can be put in a web page can be put in a code object. The code text is inserted into the html page un-modified. So if you enter the text <INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Submit"> you will get a button. If you enter <script language="JavaScript" /> alert("hello");</script> you will get a JavaScript popup message.

By default, the code text is wrapped in <div> </div> tags which allows the bounding rectangle to define the position of the code output. This wrapping can be turned off by setting the 'No CSS positioning option ( in the Object Editor, Transformation tab).

The code is positioned within the HTML body text (that is, between <body> and </body> ) according to the z-order of the code object in the program's work window. The 'Move to Front' button puts the code at the bottom of the body. The 'Move to Back' button puts the code at the top. The 'Forward' and 'Back buttons move the the code down or up one position for each press. Use the refresh the Code View window to see the actual code placement.

If your code needs to be placed in the <Header> tag, go to the 'Page Editor', 'Header' tab to create a custom Header and then paste your code into it.

If your code needs to be placed outside the HTML tags see the posting here.

NOTE: The code in a code object is untouched by SiteSpinner. It will appear as the text of the code in the SiteSpinner work window. When you preview or publish, then the code will be executed and the browser will display the results of the code.
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