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I have site spinner set up to use a mobile page when connected with a phone. I want to be able to let someone view the desktop version if they choose. When I go to my site on the phone it gives me the mobile view and I can't view the site in the desktop view. I have evne tried using the "request desktop view" in the browser but it will not change.

How can this be done?
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You will need to use a cookie.

You can view this thread or this thread.

However, I would ask yourself why would someone on the mobile want to view the desktop version? The desktop version will be way too small on the screen and in reality the mobile content should be the same as your desktop only optimized for the mobile screen. The content for the most part should not be any different between the two. Just my 2 cents worth. Wink
I will have to look at those threads more closely but most of what I saw was about directing to the mobile site not to the desktop. I did see some of that but was having a very hard time following it. I have a very limited knowledge of scripts.

I am using the feature in SSpro to redirect based on screen size. I tried putting a button there redirecting to the desktop site but it did not work.

Personally I hate when I am directed to a mobile site because they always have a very limited amount of information and limited functionality (Mine is very limited also which is why I want to give visitors the option of switching to the desktop site). I almost always try to switch to the desktop version and hate when a site will not allow me to do that.
The scripts on those pages use a cookie that is set so when you choose to view the desktop site, it wont redirect back to the mobile site due to the cookie.

Personally I hate when I am directed to a mobile site because they always have a very limited amount of information and limited functionality

I would ask you why your mobile site has limited info? Why isn't your mobile site the same as your desktop as in content? I don't think it has to be even if your site is as informative as yours.

If you use the dual mode in SS Pro, you can have it to where the same objects are in both layouts within 1 html page. Not only does it make it easier to maintain but re-directs to mobile sites are going away and aren't the normal way of building anymore.

By the way, the home page of your website is messed up. Looks like your main menu is not pointing to the correct location for the files.

I also noticed on your mobile site, the target resolution is set pretty wide at almost 800px. On my phone, I still have to zoom in to read anything or click on the buttons. I would make the sizing more around 400-480 tops as this should look good on most smaller phones and still look ok on tablets. Unfortunately, with SS Pro, it only allows you to pick 1 mobile sizing which is extremely antiquated thus why I don't use this software anymore for new sites.
First of all, thank you for letting me know about my home page. I have no idea what happened. It was working fine yesterday. I have a code item that renders the menu on almost all the pages of my site. It is working on the other pages but not on my home page.

I tried copying the code from one of the pages where it is working but it still did not work. I went to my od computer and uploaded the page from there and it is working again. I need to find out what is causing the problem.

As to the dual layout, I have not been able to figure out how to make that work. I tried it one time but it did not work right. to get a mobile page, I did like so many other sites, including yahoo and many others, are doing and did a limited page for the mobile view.

I will have to try it again but I was not able to get all the items on the page to work and make a page that you could actually read.

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