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This is not the first time something like this has happen. My old computer goes belly up. I had a backup on a external drive , using Acronis image 2019. Really works good as long as you plan to restore on the same computer. No luck if it is on a new computer. 

 Here is my question.  I want to hook up a external drive. Install SS pro on it. Then transfer all of the pictures & icons that I plan to use , along with the write ups fr each page. Then publish from the external drive . When I want to make a change, I'll plug  the drive back in and go from there. In the event that I have another ECU go bad I will have my web page backed up. 

   Does it sound practical or just chasing clouds in the sky. 



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You can install SS on an external drive, but it will not be usable on another computer. When SS installs, it writes info in the system registry (on the C: drive). If you move the external drive to another computer, it will not be able to find the required registry info. As long as the drive is hooked up to the computer containing the registry info, all is OK.

The best option is to keep a backup of the SS install file on the external drive. Then, should you move to another computer, you can re-install SS. Be sure to keep you program registration and serial numbers handy. I keep mine in a text file with the install file.

As for saving your projects, I keep all my projects on an external drive (and backed up to a cloud service).

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