Upload a web page as a html

When I use SiteSpinner Pro Version 2.92 q, I try to publish a project as html it does not.
it uploads as ims file which is unreadable on Firefox and Avant browsers.


I've tried uploading the page manually, no good either. Also tried saving as html. no good.

How do I get this to upload a web page so it can be seen/read as a html?

If anyone can explain how to get it uploaded as a web page so it display correctly in simple terms I'd be grateful.

Thanks R

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The IMS file is your project file. SS will upload this file as a backup when you publish your project, but you can turn off this feature in the Pages tab of the Publishing window.

Since you can see the IMS file, I'm assuming you have published your project correctly. But I suspect that you do not have a web page named index. The index.html file is the first web page file that a browser will try to open. If your site does not have this file, then usually only a file listing is displayed.

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