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Are there any Templates?

SiteSpinner contains over 2 dozen Templates. Registered users of SiteSpinner are welcome to use and modify these templates for their own use (templates may not be resold). To access the Templates, in SiteSpinner go to File > Open Template.

Can I use a Template from another source with SiteSpinner?

You cannot import a Template created outside of SiteSpinner directly. However, you can drag-and-drop the content of an existing Template directly into SiteSpinner - see here for details.

Are there any other SiteSpinner Templates available?

There are a few free Templates that have been posted by other users to the Users' Tips and Tricks forum. Larryd has posted many SiteSpinner ready templates on his popular site available here.

If you need help with a Template, be sure to post a note to the 'How Do I...' forum for help.
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