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Hi everyone, Not really sure where else to ask this so I'll start here. I went to the SiteSpinner web site on my iphone 7S and all it shows is just a white background that says this:

Virtual Mechanics

SiteSpinner Web Page


SiteSpinner Pro Website

Design Suite and Web


Free Download

Other pages within the site are similar. That's all that is there and nothing to click. Tried a second iphone 7S and same thing. This looks like the tag or keywords for the page perhaps. Of course the site displays as it should on a desktop computer. Likely an iphone Safari issue but I can not seem to find a fix. Almost thought Virtual Mechanics was gone! Anyone run into this or have any idea. Thanks all for your time.


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Not a problem with Safari. Whoever re-did the SiteSpinner site made a mistake in the media query for handheld devices. The mas device width is set to 421px, but most handhelds have an active viewport width less than that, so most of the page(s) content is being hidden.  Using a dev tool built into Firefox and adjusting the device width setting to a smaller value exposes the problem.

I sent an email to SiteSpinner Customer Service and Support about our discussion and this was their reply:

Hi Tom, We’ve been experimenting with mobile design and SEO.  The site might be wonky on some mobile devices while we do testing. Once that is done, we’ll be republishing it. Michelle, SiteSpinner Customer Service & Support

So I guess they are aware of the issue but I am surprised that they would not do their testing on a "test website" and not on the official site until they first ironed out the wrinkles. enough said, thanks again.

Web sites built with SiteSpinner are just standard web pages, so they can be displayed in any browser.  However, the standard, free SiteSpinner version can only create web pages for a single device resolution (or browser width), normally for desktop browsers. So, mobile device will see  your site, but since it is designed for a desktop browser, it will not look good.

With SiteSpinner Pro, you can develop web pages for 2 device resolutions (or browser widths). The 2 default display sizes are desktop and a mobile device with a screen size of 240x320 pixels, but either can be be changed by  customizing the target resolution.

Neither version can natively build "responsive" web sites that can adjust to the wide variety of available device screen resolutions. There are other tools better equipped to do this.

Hi Nancy,This thread was because SiteSpinners own website ( was not showing up properly in Safari on an iphone. It is working now. Also I have made several web sites with sitespinner and sitespinner pro and have never had any problem viewing them on a mobile device. Sitespinner can only do a standard desktop website while sitespinner pro allows for desktop, mobile or both versions. Hope that helps.Tom

Hi Tom,

That information is good to know.  I am glad you clarified it.

In order to have Sitespinner Pro on my computer, would I need to uninstall the original Sitespinner?  The reason I ask is that I bought Sitespinner Pro a few years ago, and it would not open on my computer, and I ended up requesting my money back, which was done by Sitespinner without a problem.

So, I just figured I had to stay with Sitespinner original. 

I think I have figured out a way to be able to see this website on at least my mobile Samsung 5 cell phone: - would you do me a favor and look at it on your mobile phone and let me know?


Hi Nancy,I have both sitespinner and sitespinner pro v2.92q both loaded on a Windows 7 Pro machine with no problems. Once I design a site in sitespinner pro however I NEVER try to open it in sitespinner. That is because the additional features in pro are not available in sitespinner and would likely cause problems.

Your site comes up on my iphone 7S. However the text just below the large photo at the top (Bar MZ Ranch - Southwest Montana's.... and friends) is overlapping into the top of the next paragraph. Also the bottom of the main paragraph is also overlapping onto the first three photos below. From my experience I have found that you first need to be very careful what fonts are used for the text so that they are web safe. In the text editor click the options tab make sure the "show only web safe fonts" is checked for starters. I would bet that while your on screen 'what you see is what you get' layout looks good, however there are times when it does not always translate exactly like that to the clients browser. Web safe fonts help. Also I always do a Publish, Preview HTML page (or Preview Project) to check before publishing. Still sometimes the spacing after a paragraph is not correct and for some reason runs longer than displayed. When this happens I just leave more space between the offending paragraph and the next items below.
Hope that helps.
Nancy,For what its worth the text looks ok in chrome, explorer and firefox browsers. Only a little weird on iphone. Apple crap!As far a picture sizes, I don't think there is one answer. Generally in project options, advanced you set the editor workspace width and height. I size and place photos inside these boundries.

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