Reinstall Sitespinner pro

I recently had my computer upgraded and in the process lost my SS pro website that I have worked for over 6 or 7 years. I tried to upload but my serial number etc. doesn't seem to work.I tried contacting SS help but of course closed on the weekend

Can someone help?
Thanks, Doug
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Did you have any problems with it downloading??? I have tried for over a week to download it again with NO LUCK at all. They tell me there's no problem. I'm telling all that I can not download either trial. Not on my computer or my wifes laptop. Not on my phone not anywhere.

Just wondering if anybody else has had issues downloading???
Ever since this problem was mentioned a week or so ago, I have been trying to download SiteSpinner. I have tried using 2 different email addresses and I have received no email with the download link.

I have no idea what's happening at VM, but this issue does not instill confidence.
I finally received an e-mail on my secondary mail account. My main account has a 3 part domain ( and I've had problems with some mail programs that refuse to see this as a valid e-mail.

a1powerline, I see in your profile you use AOL. Did you check your spam folder? Can youuse another email account?
Just to chime in here, we have run checks on our email/downloads, and they seem to be working fine for us.

Having said that, if problems happen downstream from us with our email service providers, they don't always tell us.

In any event, let us know if there are still problems.

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