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I have just purchased SiteSpinner Pro 2 (2,92 to be exact) with the specific goal of publishing a simple project (static, few pages, no frills ) for both desktop AND smartphones. The interface is almost perfect, it seems the ideal tool, but... What I See Is NOT What I Get. No matter what I put in my mobile view I keep on seeing in mobile devices the same layout I get on desktops. The only way I found to see something "mobile friendly" is to choose a Mobile Only layout and so build a Mobile only site. Or, use only mobile-sized objects to be used in both layouts.
Probably I am doing something wrong, as the preview on SiteSpinner promises what I'd like to get.
Documentation is poor on this topic: search on this forum on "mobile" keyword yields "no result found", neither does on the "Site Spinner Pro V2 Help " in PDF.
Thank you for helping
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Hello Crispy,
What you find in

is a very simple index.html welcome page, for desktop and mobile layouts.
What I get in either case is the desktop layout.
On the URL
you can download the project (quite a simple one, indeed).
Could you restore some of the threads on topic? I do need them.
Thank you

Originally posted by crispy68:
Can you provide a link to your site so I can see what you've done.

Unfortunately there used to be a lot of threads on here about the subject but they've been deleted for some reason.
Your project file is using a mobile width of 240px. This screen width is used only in the very early mobile devices which were in use when SS-Pro was developed. Newer mobile devices often have a screen width of 375px or more.

If I change your mobile screen width to use the Custom setting and enter a width of 425, your mobile page renders correctly.

You may also want to alter your viewport tab to:

To simplify browser testing, I use Firefox and with the page displayed, press the SHIFT+CTRL+M key combo to open the mobile browser view.

Hello larryd ,
thank you for your suggestion. I have put it in place, and the site now shows the effects. I still have to fully understand the logic SiteSpinner is based on as regards mobile rendering. The yield on my smartphone (and others) is still far from perfect. I will work on it. I have tried different widths.

BTW, should I use :

Cannot see differences...
Thank you again
In simple terms (and from my limited understanding), when you use
you are telling the browser that the page is expecting to be fitted to a width of 425 pixels. When you use
you are letting the browser fit the page to the width of the device, which can vary for each mobile device.

Google recommends the first method (using device-width) in order to determine if your web page is "mobile friendly" or not.

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