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Ahoy Mates, El Capitan Stevo still here after all these years. I am finally trying to build a mobile site version. So I "saved as" my large desktop site to a file that I will only use for mobile. When I look at it in the single layout desktop view, everything is the way it should be. When I switch it to single layout mobile, many of the thumbnail images that are in the desktop layout are not there in the mobile layout. I found I can go to desktop, copy one image at a time, then open mobile. This is extremely time consuming as I have over 1,000 thumbnail images. What to do Mates?

PS: Will not use dual layout as I want my desktop site completely separate from my mobile site.

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By "missing", do you mean you are seeing empty image placeholders or the objects just are not there?

If you see empty placeholders, then you can use the Geometry Editor to reset the image path for images on the Options tab.

Before trying any of the following suggestions. make sure you have a backup copy of your project.

If the images are just not present, then it is probably because the images are marked as "excluded" in the mobile view. While in mobile view, turn on Dual Mode (desktop & mobile), then in the desktop view, right click the missing image and if the "Exclude in mobile view" is check, click that option to un-exclude it.

Since you have thousands of thumbnails, resetting all images may be a bit tedious. While in dual layout mode, you can try right-clicking and using the "Synchronize all layouts" to get all objects in the desktop view to appear in the mobile view. The synchronize option has had its problems, that I don't think SS ever fixed, but it may be your best hope.

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