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Hi - I did scan to see if l could find the answer to this but no luck.
Question is,
If l have 2 computers and email a site spinner file from one to the other, how can l include the pictures.
I tried it today but the pictures don't show and a dialogue saying the path for the files is on another computer

Any help appreciated thanks
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Images are not saved as part of the project's IMS file. Instead, file references are saved. This means that the actual images must reside on the same computer as the project file. You will need to copy the images to your 2nd computer.

When you save your project, you have an option to save the images file reference with either an absolute or relative path. The default is to use an absolute path. his means that the project on your 2nd computer will expect to find the images in a folder with the same name as on your 1st computer. If you do not use the identical folder name, you will need to use the Geometry Editor to correct the path name for your images.

A relative path is handy when you have your images inside a sub-folder where the project resides.

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