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There are a number of manipulations I would like to pull off which are not covered in the site spinner tutorials.

They have been explained excellently by Bruceee at

However whatever I do, I cannot get it to work. Not the clickover (the simplest), nor any of the other examples.

If someone could upload their sitespinner page (.ims) file showing a working example of the first one (clickover), I might be able to figure it out. Probably a simple error somewhere.

Ultimately, if anyone has a working (automatic with timing) slideshow, that is what I am trying to get to.

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I cannot get to Brucee's site (getting 404 errors), so I cannot see any of the slideshows that Brucee developed.

If you can publish a test page of your slideshow, it is probably possible that someone can point out any error in your implementation. If you are unable to publish a test page, feel free to zip up your project files and email it to me. My email is in my public profile.

For an automatic (timed) slideshow, you may want to search the web for a script to do that.

thanks larryd,

Bruceee's link worked fine. However when I clicked the 'same' link in the forum, it was indeed a dud?

I worked it out solo. Let me share the (one-time trigger) solutions for clickover (manual), mouseover and slideshow, for images (or text) below;

They are not momentary (self-reseting), although I have a solution for that too....

All these courtesy of Bruceee who did a great job.

Refer to the bottom of the below link for how to effect a 'slideshow';

While I'm happy with the effect, there is no transition. It just jumps from one image to the next. I am looking for a gradual 'fade' effect over 500ms.

Can anyone advise how to modify the existing javascript (slideshow.js presumably) to obtain that effect. It doesn't need to be a separate variable.

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