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Ye Ol' Captain Stevo here,

Haven't posted in a long time. Now times have caught up to me and are about to sink the ship. Alas, mobile and tablets can't view my site well. So I have got to make a mobile/tablet website and am planning on using the mobile view in SS Pro. Question, should I use the dual view method and publish both at the same time, or copy my existing site and open it in the mobile view, then make my changes and publish separately? Suggestions? Also, Google says my site is not mobile friendly "text to small, viewpoint not set, clickables to close together" Some customers say I should use a different font. Suggestions please.

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Hello Capt. Stevo!

I would tell you the way to go is by using the dual view method over creating a separate mobile site which would then need a redirection of some sort for mobiles/tablets.

All you have to do is start SS Pro, choose dual mode and import your project.

Have you ever created a site using dual method? If not, I would start with a simple page until you get the hang of it. It's not hard once you understand the concept of it. Essentially, the objects in the desktop layout are also used in the mobile layout. There is no need to duplicate objects in each layout. It's thru CSS that controls the placement of the objects depending on what device you are using to view the site.

However, SS Pro unfortunately only offers you 1 mobile layout which is not good. SS Pro was created before the onslaught of different size phones and tablets were even around. It is difficult to pick just 1 size layout to cover everything from iPads down to the small smart phones. There's too many different sizes in between these.

This being said, can you build a site with SS Pro and pick a small mobile layout and pass Googles mobile friendly test? Yes. But, it will be hard to make it look good on a variety of tablets/mobiles.

As an example, the site Salon Z Hair Studio in my profile links below was built using SS Pro in dual mode.

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