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I use a third party menu on my site. The menu has been working fine for quite some time. A few days ago I changed a photo on one of my pages and now the menu on that page does not work. I tried copying the code from a page where the menu displays properly but it still will not work. The page where the menu does not work is
The menu works on the home page and that is where I have copied it from. Anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong?
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On your problem page, the CSS and script files are not being loaded. On the home page, it looks like these files are in a folder named /Menu but on the problem page, the files are expected to be in the root folder.

Alter your code so the problem page will reference the files in the /Menu folder.
Thanks for the response. I have looked through the code item but can not find where it refers to the folder with the files. I even copied the code from the home page but do not see a reference to the /menu folder. Can you direct me to where I can correct the problem. It doesn't make sense that simply changing a photo on the page caused the issue. Also for future reference, since I copied the code directly from the home page to try to solve the problem, why didn't the link to the folder go with the code?
Adding an image will not cause your problem. The problem is in the code itself.

I'm looking at the HTML you have published on your site. On your problem page, your menu code is in code object obj2838. On your home page, the menu is in code object obj2984.

If your search the home page menu code for "src=", you should see that the Menu folder is referenced before each source file. The same result on your problem page code should reveal that the source code files do not have the Menu folder reference.

I'm not sure how you copied the code. A simple copy & paste operation in SS should have resulted in an exact copy of the home page code to the problem page. Since there is not an exact copy, I can only assume you performed a copy & paste using some other method, or perhaps copied the code from some other page.

If the menus are the same on all your pages, and are in the same position on each page, try using the Include right-click option instead of copy & paste.

Thanks for your guidance. I copied the menu code and cloned it to the page. It is now working.

It baffles me why the menu stopped working when I changed the one photo on the page. I also had copied the text in the code window for the menu from a master page I have for creating new pages. When that did not work, I tried copying it the same way from my home page. As you said, that should have created an exact copy but for some reason I could not get it to work. The copy and cloning though did work.

Thanks again.
I just found another problem with the menu showing up. I have been updating several pages on my site. I do this by copying my master page. Making the changes I need and publishing the page. The Master page has the basic elements of the page, including the menu.

I found that any new items such as text objects now appear in front of drop down elements of the menu. This prevents the menu from working properly. The other pages on the site were created the same way and do not display this problem. This is only affecting the new pages I have been creating.

As a test, I added a text object to the master page and now the menu is dropping down behind that object on that page. I do not see any way to make the objects move behind the menu. You can see what is happening on If you mouse over the buttons, the menu drops behind the text.

Anyone have any ideas?
When you add new objects to a page, they are automatically placed "in front" of other objects already on the page. You can control how your page objects are "layered" by using the positioning tool buttons on the bottom toolbar ("In Front", "Forward", "Back" and "To Back").

Since you always want your menu on top of everything else, you can use the "In Front" tool button to make sure the menu is always on the top layer.

But in your case, this could be a pain since you'll need to remember to do this every time you add an object to a page that could interfer with your menu. Because your menu is inside a code object, You have an additional option to use.

Code objects have their own positioning controls. By default, the normal position is "in Body". If you changed your menu code position to "Above End Body Tag", your menu will always be the last object on the page and thus on the top-most layer.

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