line height help

Open a code object, set the code placement to "in CSS" and enter:
div { line-height: 1.2; }  
You can change the 1.2 value to suit your needs, e.g., 2.0 will double-space the text.


1. It looks like you have page centering turned on and also have set the Project Options to use tables to center page objects. You only need one of those. I suggest turning off the table centering method.

2. Using long sections of text is not recommended, mainly because of the problems you are having. It is best if you break long sections of text into smaller chunks using multiple text objects. Line height issues are greatly minimized this way.
Thank you, larryd.

One question. I went ahead and turned off the table centering. But I was wondering, how did that impact the page before I did that? You obviously noticed it, so it must have impacted the page in some way. I'm wondering if I need to go back through all my pages and update them with the proper setting.

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