I changed my web page but I still see the old page on my web site

I changed my web page but I still see the old page on my web site.

First, be sure you have actually Published to your webserver, and not just to your computer. In the SiteSpinner Publisher, under the Profile tab, be sure that the Export Destination is set to My Web Host (FTP), and not Files on Disk.

Next, be sure that you published the page to your web server at the correct location. You can use the 'Browse' button on the SiteSpinner Publisher window's FTP tab to see what files are on your web server. See here for more information on missing files or pages.

Next, be sure you have not used caps or spaces in your page name. For example, your server might consider index and Index to be two separate pages. Also, check that you are looking for the right page - check the name of the page you Published against the page you are attempting to view. Any slight difference will result in the wrong page being viewed.

If the pages are in the correct place but you still see an older version of your page, most likely your browser or the web server itself is keeping the old version in its cache.

This is done to speed up delivery of frequently accessed pages and enhance the performance of the browser or server. Unfortunately this sometimes leads to out-of-date copies of pages being available for a short while.

You can get usually around this problem by asking your browser to bypass the cache. This should force the latest version of the page to load. For most browsers pressing the CTRL+R keys while viewing the page will do this. In Internet Explorer CTRL+F5 seems to do a deeper refresh.

If that does not help, try deleting the files from you browser's temporary file cache. To do this in Internet Explorer go to the menu 'Tools' >'Internet Options' in the 'General' tab press 'Delete Files...'. This will clear your cache and your should see you new page the next time you view it. Other browsers will have similar options.

For future use you may want to adjust your browser settings so that the pages are refreshed automatically.

To do this, if you are using Internet Explorer, go to the Internet Explorer menu, 'Tools'->'Internet Options' then the 'General' Tab in the 'Temporary Internet Files' area press the 'Settings' button.

There you will see an option 'Check for newer versions of stored pages'. Check the 'Every visit to the page' option. That will tell the browser not to use older cached versions if you have gone to other sites since the last viewing. Other browsers have similar options.
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