How to delete a random live link area on a blank page

One little section of my page has a live link in it. There is no object visible nor even selectable. Moving the cursor over this section of the page suddenly changes the selection arrow to the live link pointing finger. When publishing, this leads to a link error because this section is right behind the left side navigation bar, and the button that is on top of this section does not over-ride the mystery link underneath. I have tried unlayering my navigation pane to find it and cannot. I cannot find it using the object editor list. 

I am screwing up my website now by all of the layered attempted corrections. 

If I cannot fix this, is there a way to copy my objects to another project so I don't have to re-invent everything?

Many thanks!


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When you hover over the live link, the object name will appear in the status bar at the bottom of the work page. Take note of this object name. Next, open the Object Editor to the Components tab, and using the object drop-down box, locate the desired object. Then switch over to the Link tab and uncheck the "Enable page link in work window" box.

Thank you for the insight. I overlooked the status bar.

I must have some sort of software glitch: the affected bit of the page shows no object but does show where the link points to. Perhaps all of the frenzied corrections and deletions and object manipulations fried the project. I just started over in a new fresh project, but with renewed skills.

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