how do I make the entire text box into a hyperlink, not just the text?

Imagine an image with a text description overlayed onto it.

I want to link this grouping to a file via hyperlink.

Some people might click the text. Some might click the image. I want to capture both types of people.

By expanding a transparent text box so that it is concurrent in size with the image seems a good way to achieve this.

I know how to use the object editor to link a geometric image to a file.

I know how to use the text editor to link text to a file.

But how can I hyperlink a text box to a file (with text or without text).

According to site spinner – it isn’t possible. The text editor takes precedence over the object editor for text boxes;

An example can be viewed here;

 Any ideas?

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 Remove any links you have on both objects. Then put both objects into a permanent group. The text object does not need to be resized to cover the image. With the group selected, open the Object Editor. Use the Link tab to enter the link, then move to the Options tab and check the Re-Render box. What this does is convert the text object into an image and merges it with the image, so you end up with a single object with a link when published.

What you say is correct, but it should be noted (in my case anyway) that there becomes a loss in resolution in the text. If I simply avoid the 're-render' step (which converts text font into a graphic), it seems to function just fine.... 


If the default in sitespinner between text and the parent text box was the box, rather than the text, it would seem to me to be more versatile....

Thanks again!

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