How do I link to a specific area of a page (creating a bookmark)

You can link to a specific area within a webpage (bookmarking). When a visitor to your site clicks the link it will send them to specific spot within the page, or to a specific spot on another page.

To create a bookmark you need to create a link. Highlight the word or phrase, or select the image you want to link from and proceed to create a link. For Link Type, leave it blank. In the link field you need to enter the page name followed by # and then the bookmark name. For example, enter

Now go to the spot where you want the bookmark to open (this is usually in the Text Editor). Click the Link Editor and in the bookmark field enter the name of your bookmark. Example, enter

That is it!

If you want to link to a bookmark on an object instead of in text, you just need to enter the object's HTML 'id' after the #.

In SiteSpinner (or the other versions) this happens to correspond directly with the object name which can be seen in the 'Object' tab of the Quick Properties editor.

You must also precede the name with a 'O' (because SiteSpinner puts an 'O' in front the id). So to link to an object with a object name of 'obj1', put the following in your link field:


Make sure you leave the link type blank (that is, don't select "http://", etc).

That's it. If the object is on another page, add the page name. Like this:


If it's on another site, you would do it like this:

NOTE: We previously described using the Geometry name to link to an object as a bookmark (e.g. #Ggeo1 to link to object with geometry geo1). It turns out that technique only works for Internet Explorer, and not for Netscape or Opera browsers. The object method described above does not seem work in Netscape 4.x browsers. Use the text method if you need the bookmarks to work for NN 4.x
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