How can I embed file types not listed in the Foreign Object formats list?

Try using the 'Other File Type' format. For example, to embed an Adode Acrobat file (a .pdf file) do this:

- Click on the Import Foreign Objects button.
- Under Format, choose the file type for your specific file (for PDF files, select 'Other File Type')
- Click the 'FilePath' button and find your file.
- Press OK (leave all the other fields as they are)
- Size the bounding box to where you want the file to appear. Use the Relative Size buttons if you want it to stretch with the Browser size

That's it. Now you should be able to Preview and have your file embedded in the page

(If don't want the file 'embedded' into the page, but rather made available when the user clicks a link, see the FAQ here)

When you publish, if you choose Gather mode, the file will be copied to your server.
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