HELP PLEASE "Error: Permission Denied. Response Code 553."

 When I try to upload a new version of my web site to Hostgator, I keep getting multiple error codes: "Error: Permission Denied. Response Code 553."
I tried contacting Hostgator but they said they don't know anything about it and I had to contact site spinner. Site Spinner says they don't either and asked me to post on forum. PLEASE Help! This is costing me clients because last years dates are on my classes! I have attached a copy of the error message I received when trying to publish. 
Thank you.


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The 553 error usually means that you do not have permission to write files to the specified server folder. I see that you are publishing your project to the site's /public_html folder. On some hosts, this folder cannot be directly written to. Instead you upload to "/" (no quotes) which can be written to and is an alias or link to the real folder.

In any case, your best option is to publish your project to a local disk directory (see the Pages tab in the Publishing window). Once you have done this, you have 2 options.

1. Log into your Hostgator account and use their File Manager to upload the files and folders inside your local disk directory to the /public_html folder. Be sure to upload what is inside the local publish directory and not the local directory itself.

2. Use a 3rd party FTP program (such as the free Filezilla) to upload the published files.

Option 1 is probably your best bet, but will be slower. While using an FTP program will be faster, if you have never used an FTP program before, then you will have a bit of a learning curve.

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