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You cannot import .html files into SS. SS is not an html editor but a html generator. However, you can try to re-create your website in SS by copying the text and inserting the images into your layout.

Once your layout is the way you want it, you have to Publish your project for SS to generate all the appropriate files which include .html, .css, .js files along with folders that contain your images.

There is an online tutorial here:
I think the replies I received in my email were very rude from New Reply by r E s - Re: "file extension format". Here is what was said:

how about reading the manual before posting questions? lol

I looked for the manual, but the information said I had to purchase before the manual would be available. I do not want to do that until I figure out if I want it or not. So far, these emails are leaning me against the purchase because of customer support.

Then, this is the next response when I asked for a link to the manual.

Help > Help File

I don't like it

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