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If you want to add a simple form to your site and can not be bothered using special scripting for your cgi-bin then try this simple "Form to Email" code:

<A HREF="MAILTO:youremailaddress?
SUBJECT=Your Subject Text Here

&BODY=Please Add:%0D
">Click Here To Activate Email Form</a>

Text in red is where you place your required text. Add further headings with the appropriate code as well.

With thanks to Pjay for input
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You could do that with a form. You probably will need some special code (could be Javascript) to read the visitor input, and based on that, decide whether to allow access to a gateway page to the rest of your site.

If you use Google you may find some examples already written that you can use immediately. If you can wait a few days, the next version of SiteSpinner, almost released, has built-in forms support.
I am trying to insert 3 line breaks between name, email address, etc in the following code. (The <p> does not have any effect) Please help:

SUBJECT= Re: St. Mary Website Inquiry

&BODY=My inquiry is as follows:%0D<p><p><p><p><p><p>
Email Address:[/color}%0D<p><p><p>
[color:RED]Telephone number: %0D
">Click Here To Activate Email Form</a>
The <p> is an HTML paragraph tag and cannot be used outside of an HTML page.

I see you have inserted the %0D code, which is a character replacement code for a carriage return. You may want to try the line feed character code %0A in conjunction with it.

This may or may not work depending upon the system that encodes/decodes it. Plain text DOS files expect the CR/LF pair, but *unix files and Macs expect just a NL (new line) character.

Other character substitution codes to try if the above do not work are:

\r (return)
\n (new line)
The changes worked! Here is the exact code I used after several experiments using your suggestions:
SUBJECT= Re: St. Mary Website Inquiry

Name:%0A %0A
Email Address:%0A %0A
Telephone number:%0A %0A
My inquiry is as follows:%0A %0A %0A ">Click Here To Activate Email Form</a>

QUESTION: Are you able to click on the link belows and will it take you to your default email program with the appropriate information already installed in your email?
That works for me too with IE7 and Outlook Express.

There will be email programs out there that don't behave like Outlook Express. For that reason, I think a form mail script is better -- it does not depend on the email program your vistor has installed.

There is an example of a form mail script in the "Using Forms" tutorial under Help > Tutorials.
I tested your link and it opens my default mail (yahoo) but with an error saying:

name: TypeError
message:'kPartner' is undefined
description:'kPartner' is undefined

Unfortunately I have no idea what that means Frown. I've tried similar links from other pages and it works there.
From that method, your email address is open for bots, which inmho poses a security risk.

The chances of a spam bot picking up on it is slim, but once it does you can pretty much count your email as deceased. You'll never free it from spam.

I would suggest using a webform purely because it looks so much more proffesional, it's not too hard to create and incorperate.
With this information, I'm going to REMOVE any code over emails. I'll take a look at creating a contact form instead. I'm up to the challenge; but, it may take me awhile. Webform Designer has the option of reflecting the eform to them first and they will forward the note to the intended recipient. Would that pose any threat?
I think they are both equally bad. In both cases they put an email address like in plain view of anything that cares to look for email addresses in your code.

That is why form mail scripts are better. They require no email addresses in your html code that the spam bots can find. Any email addresses are stored on your host -- a much, much tougher (if not impossible) proposition to crack.
The Help->Tutorials->Using Forms section has a SendMail.php script that will handle your form elements. This PHP script needs to be pasted into it's own plain text file and uploaded to your web site. Just follow the instructions to make the mods for your particular site and email address.

It does require that your site be capable of using php, but most hosted sites provide this.
I have added the code to my website and all is working well. Once thing I need to change, that is the color of the test on the link.
The ">Click Here To Activate Email Form</a> line is coming in purple and I need it to be yellow and can I increase the font size?

You should be able to use CSS code to make the changes you want. The CSS code needs to address the link directly so it does not change all the links on your site.

If you need help with this, can you post a link, so we can see what the CSS code should be for your site?
I have had my site up and running for almost a year. The SiteSpinner tutorials worked great for me in every way except for showing me how to get an email form to send visiters to my thankyou page, and then send the email. I've been working on this for 4 days now and am more confused than ever.

Please, if any one can give me step by step instructions on doing this it would be so appriciated! I am to the point of removing the email prompt from my site. Please don't assume that I know anything. It won't hurt my feelings Confused
p.s. I found this post and am reposting here. Smile

[QUOTE]Originally posted by AndyP:
If you want to add a simple form to your site and can not be bothered using special scripting for your cgi-bin then try this simple "Form to Email" code:

<A HREF="MAILTO:youremailaddress?
SUBJECT=Your Subject Text Here

&BODY=Please Add:%0D
">Click Here To Activate Email Form</a>

Text in red is where you place your required text. Add further headings with the appropriate code as well.

What would the required text be? Does this go on it's own page on my site or the same page as my form. Confusedhopelessly
This is not a form per se but rather is a mailto link. When someone clicks the link that will appears from this code, it will open the visitor's default mail program so he/she can email you.

So the items in red are things you would normally expect to see in an email. The "youremailaddress" is, obviously, your email address since you want it sent to you. The "Your Subject Text Here" is what your subject to be. The red text in the "&BODY" section is what will automatically be placed in the email's body. What is shown in the example are prompts for the visitor to use,
Originally posted by Marleen:
Works great and soooo easy. Thanks for the tip.

Isn't it just a doddle?! I gave up doing my own 'mailto's when I found that free online utility. As you say, it's soooo easy!!!

IMHO these are the sort of extras that SS could provide .... in particular for things like buttons. I just don't see why it's not deemed possible to make life just that much easier for users. I mean, it's OK to tell a 'customer' to make buttons by having 3 overlaying windows, but why not have a routine which just does that, via a few simple questions/prompts?

OK ... perhaps I'm in airy-fairy land ... or 'added value' land as they used to say a few years ago! ;-)

mccifa (still sick as a parrot but hoping to live another year or two!!)
It may be that adding all those bells and whistles would bring the cost closer to the big web editing tools. No thank you, I would rather see the cost affordable to anyone and use the forums for those extra tips and tricks. It easy for me to recommend SiteSpinner because the folks I know need lower cost programs.
You could well be right, Marleen ... and perhaps using the SS features plus forum help is the cheaper answer.

However, I'm an 'outside the box' person and always have been .... and I've always looked at how to make things as easy as possible to arrive at the end result.

The 'mailto' facility on that website is incredibly easy to set up/copy .... and yet is so useful. So I don't see a problem with SS doing something similar.

Having menu-builders/button makers is probably a tad more involved (I used to program in Fortran and Cobol many years ago) but the end benefits are superb - and to be honest I can't see it taking many man hours. So, if SS produces such things there would hopefully be no increase in price .... just an enhancement in services which would enable SS to sell more packages.

I recommend SS to all my friends/contacts, but currently with a 'get-out' clause!

mccifa .... still suffering from pleurisy etc - but laughing at all the e-mails I've had!! Smile
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