Do your products produce industry standard code?

Q: Do your products produce industry standard code? Can pages created with your software show up on the search engines? Why am I seeing errors when I run my web site through an HTML validater?

A: We created our products to work on all the major web browsers available from Netscape 4 and Internet Explorer 4 and up (though few people still use NN 4 or IE 4 anymore), as well as Opera, Safari, etc., and to work with the search engines. For SiteSpinner Pro, all the major mobile browsers including Opera, Safari, etc.

We write to 'HTML 4.0 Transitional', some validates use a default test for HTML 3.2 which is used by IE 3 or NN 3 (make sure you are testing for 'HTML 4.0 Transitional' when running through a validater). We try to ensure that the code produced by our products is as 'compliant' as possible - however, the bottom line is that your pages should function and display correctly in the browsers.

If you want to get a sense as to how compliant your site is, go to our home page and click the W3C validation button: - the W3C is run by the group that writes the official specification for HTML. As a comparison, try running,,,, or through the validater.

Now, having said that, not all pages published by SiteSpinner or SiteSpinner Pro will pass validation. This is because SiteSpinner and SiteSpinner Pro have been optimized to work on all the major browsers (and in SiteSpinner Pro's case, the major Mobile browsers). Though we strive to write 100% compliant code, the browsers do not always support 100% compliant code, and having your page work in the major browsers is more important than passing a validation test.

Also, keep in mind that if you add a Code Object, or place code into the Header of your page, if that code is not valid then it may effect how you page is displayed.

As for how well your site may be indexed by the search engines, try doing a search of Google for 'Virtual Mechanics', you should find that a SiteSpinner Pro created site comes up with pretty good results.
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