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I posted previously, but maybe did not provide enough info for the help I need.

I want to create photo galleries, one per page of a SiteSpinner website. I'm using Juicebox, which has lots of info on embedding. The problem seems to be that SS does not create a folder for each page of a website, thus I don't know where to upload the script and files from JB.

Any help on using Juicebox or another program to create photo galleries?
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I don't understand why you would need to put your SS pages into separate folders, but if you feel you really need to do that, then just create separate projects for each page and publish each project into separate folders. The publisher project manager will allow you to set up a different publishing profile for each project to help keep things organized.

The only problem with doing it this way is that you can no longer link the pages using the SS [page] option; you will need to manually enter the necessary folder name, page name and the .html extension. For example, if your index page has a link to "gallery1.html" in folder "gallery1", then your manually entered link would be:
and to go back to the index page, the link would be:
Of course you could use the full domain name instead of relative references, but that's a lot more unneeded typing.
The Juicebox embedding info seem to assume pages will be in separate folders. I'm certainly not looking for any extra work. I just don't know where to put what.

I have a screenshot of my ftp options (what I have and where I can put it), but don't see a way to post it here.

If there's an easier way to put photo galleries into a SS site, I'm open to suggestions. Thanks

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