copy of url list

If "urls" means the links you have created within SS, then click the Options->Workplace Options menu item and go to the Link Manager tab. There you will see a list of all links you have created with SS.

There is an Export button which will allow you to save the list as a text file. Unfortunately, this list contains all URL links you have created since using SS (unless you cleared them), not just the current project, so you will need to edit the exported file.

Another option is to use an on-line link checker. There are quite a few and most will list the links it finds as well as letting you know if there are any broken links.
My problem is that I have updated my website in WIX and any link checker is going to give the current page links.
What I need are the old page links on my old website for (for 301 redirect?)
I have to match the old site pages with the new page site.. to retain my google rank... make any sense?


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