Can I work on the same project from more than one computer?

Can I work on the same project from more than one computer?

Or, can you have more than one person working on the same website from different computers?


There have been a number of companies offering some form of 'cloud storage'. Basically what they are offering is hard drive space on the Internet. One service is Microsoft OneDrive. It is free service (up to a certain amount of space).

Using OneDrive with WebDwarf, SiteSpinner, and SiteSpinner Pro

If you run Windows Vista or Windows 7 then you just need to download and install OneDrive. If you have Windows 8 or Windows 10 then you already have OneDrive installed. See the information from Microsoft on using OneDrive here .

Once you have OneDrive up and running on your PC you will see the OneDrive icon in your File menu, just like you see your other drives.

Install WebDwarf, SiteSpinner, or SiteSpinner Pro on your other computer (remember, you can install SiteSpinner and SiteSpinner Pro on up to 2 machines in the same household - contact us for hefty discount on additional licenses ).

Steps to create a new website project using OneDrive:
  • Create a new folder on OneDrive for your project. Something like: OneDrive/mywebsite
  • Create a sub-folder to store your images, pdf files - anything you will want to add to your website. Something like: OneDrive/mywebsite/resources
  • Put all of your images, pdf files - anything you plan to add to your website, in the 'resources' folder you just created
  • Create your Project file with WebDwarf/SiteSpinner/SiteSpinner Pro, and save it to OneDrive under your website folder: OneDrive/mywebsite/myprojectfile.ims

Steps to move an exsiting website project to OneDrive:

Follow steps 1 and 2 above. For step 3, you will have to copy all your resources - images, PDF files, etc. - anything you have added to your website, to OneDrive.

You have two options here. If all your resources have been saved in the same sub-folder on your computer, then you can copy and past that subfolder to OneDrive. The goal is to keep the file paths the same on OneDrive as they are on your computer.

If the images and other resources you used to build your website are scattered all over your computer, then you will want to move them all to the new 'resources' folder on OneDrive as outlined in step 3 above. In this case you will need to re-set the paths in your Project file - see the FAQ on how to do that here.

That's it!

By using OneDrive you can work on your website from any computer that you WebDwarf, SiteSpinner or SiteSpinner Pro installed on. You can also have others work on the same website projects at the same time.
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