Can I build a Frames or iframes?

Q: Can I build Frames or iframes with WebDwarf/SiteSpinner/Web Engine?

A: The programs do not not have a 'Frame Editor'. However, SiteSpinner V2 and Web Engine V2 do have an iframe Editor in the 'Foreign Object Editor' (left tool bar). Iframes enable you to embed a document into a webpage.

Foreign Object Editor > Format > HTML (Iframe)

This embeds another html document into the current page using an ‘iframe’. You can either use the ‘Browse’ button to find the file to embed or, you can embed a page from the current project by pressing the 'Page List' button and selecting from the drop down list. Pages from the project will be displayed in the work window frame, external pages will be shown as a placeholder until previewed.

You can also change some of the iframe’s parameters. For example:
Under Parameters:

To change the margin width of the iframe, in the ‘Name’ field, enter MARGINWIDTH.
In the ‘Value’ field enter the number of pixels for the margin.

To change the margin height of the iframe, in the ‘Name’ field, enter MARGINHEIGHT.
In the ‘Value’ field enter the number of pixels for the margin.

Note: margins will not affect project pages since they have their own margin defined.

To remove the border from your frame, uncheck ‘Visible Control’.
To display a scroll bar in the frame check 'Use Scroll Bar'

Note: some older browsers do not support iframes.

Opening Links in an iFrame or Main Page

Normally, a link to a page will open the page in the location of the link. So a link in an iFrame will open the page in the iFrame. A link on the main page will open the page on the main page.

To have a link on a page that is displayed in an iFrame, open in the page that contains the iFrame, you just need to target the parent window.

i.e. target = "_parent"

With SiteSpinner a way to specify a target is not really built in so you need to follow this slightly quirky technique.

In the link's url field, instead of the usual:

You would do this:" target = "_parent
./page.html" target = "_parent

Notice the quotation marks. What you are doing is closing the usual quotation mark early and starting your own after target=. SiteSpinner will add the closing mark after _parent.

This only works on links on objects, not on links on words (unfortunately) But of course you can link on a text object with a word in it.

If you want a link in the main page to open a page inside the iFrame, you you use target = "xxx" where xxx is the 'Name' given in the iFrame Foreign Object. e.g if the Foreign Object name is 'geo123' use target = "geo123"

To see an example of links in one iFrame opening pages inside another iFrame, click here.

To download the SiteSpinner project for the above example, click here.
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