Can I add code above or below the regular HTML code

Create a generic code with geometry name of 'TOPMOST'. The Code object will be visble in work area but contents will be placed before all other code in publish or preview. 'No CSS' option has no effect since CSS is not applicable

If you use the name BOTTOMMOST or BELOWBODY instead, the code will be placed below all other code or below the </body> tag, respectively.

These names must always be in captial letters.

Keep in mind that the geometry name is not the same as the Object name. You can edit a code object's geometry name in the code editor's 'name' text box. (in the code editor's toolbar)

You can create more than one of any of the above catagories by adding to the name. For example, if you need two TOPMOST code objects, call one 'TOPMOST' and the other 'TOPMOSTtwo' or 'TOPMOSTother'. As long as the name begins with the keyword TOPMOST it will be placed in the topmost position.

If you have two of the same catagory, on the same page, they will be added in their respective z-order.

This technique will work for SVG mode as well.
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