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There used to be an HTML <blink> tag which would perform the action you want, but it has been removed from the HTML spec and is no longer supported in most browsers. There is a reason it was removed (from the Epilepsy Society):

Photosensitive epilepsy is when seizures are triggered by flashing lights or contrasting light and dark patterns. Photosensitive epilepsy is not common but it may be diagnosed when you have an EEG test. Flashing or patterned effects can make people with or without epilepsy feel disorientated, uncomfortable or unwell.

There are urban myths that blinking text on web pages triggered full-blown epileptic fits, but there are real documented cases of people becoming disoriented, nauseous,  or getting mild headaches. So you need to ask yourself if you really want blinking text.

If you do, how to do this in SS depends on a few factors. Is the blinking text standalone, such as a banner; or is it embedded inside a paragraph of text? Also, do you want to use a script or CSS?

If you have SS-Pro, you can use the Action Editor to apply animation effects to your text. There are examples in the Tutorials on using the Action Editor.

Thanks for the quick answer,

I am a user of sitespinner and also a dummy for html codes.

So i am not familiar with html codes en stuff like scripts and or CSS .

is there a possibility to have some animation (slow blinking) on a text or a picture such as a arrow ?

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Take a look at:

(based on an example found at

This was done in SS using 3 groups of 4 Title objects (which are images) and a little jQuery script. Is this what you want? If you want more or less images, let me know. The instructions to do this will vary depending upon the number of images and if they need to be grouped.

If you click my user name (above),  you can get my private email address. Feel free to email me with your specs.

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